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Account charged off - OC is still increasing balance


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I took out a private student loan from sallie Mae in 2007.  Repayment was started in 2010 (at some point it switched to Navient) and I couldn't afford to make the payment.  I never made one payment on this loan and my Cr shows it was closed in November 2011 as a charge off.  

Every month they report it as a charge off and increase the balance due by around $120 dollars. I think this is poisoning my CR. The debt is so old now, in 2 years it should come off my report, it is out of the SOL in California.  

About 6 months ago I got a letter from a collection agency regarding this debt, I sent a letter asking them to validate it and also asking if the debt was time barred.  They stopped contacting me.

Today I got a letter from a different collection agency offering a settlement.  I have no intention of settling. I am just hoping there is something I can do about Navient reporting this every month and increasing the balance after it was charged off.  

What should my next step be?  I'm a novice at this but working really hard to clean up my credit and this appears to be holding my score down.  Thanks.

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