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California- Abstract Of Judgment after dispute

I owe I owe

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Back in 2010 I was sued by a creditor. Shortly after, the creditor’s attorney’s at the time (Attorney 1), filed an Abstract of Judgement against me. This basically put a lien on any of my properties or future properties.

In mid-2011 (Attorney 1) filed and obtained a wage garnishment against me. I kept asking (Attorney 1) for an accounting record of the payments being made. None were ever provided. After several months passed, I called (Attorney 1) to get an update on the balance due.  To my surprise, the amount due increased even though I was being garnished $500 monthly.

In late 2012 I sent (Attorney 1) a dispute letter regarding the alleged amount I owed.  After 2 months with no reply, I received a court document stating that all monies paid toward the judgement would be returned.  To this day I have not received a dime.

In December of 2012 I received a collection notice from a new attorney’s office (Attorney 2). I quickly disputed the amount they were collecting and explained why.  They have not tried to collect on this account since.

Recently when taking care of some business at the county recorder’s office, I found that the ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT filed by (Attorney 1) is still in effect.


Is allowing this ABSTRACT OF JUDGEMNT to stay in effect a collection violation as I have never been given a response to my dispute?


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