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Have to leave overseas. Leaving debt in states. Questions


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There is a long story behind this but I don't want to go to much into detail.

My wife is divorcing me after 10 years together after I lost my job. No job no wife = zero way to pay debt. At this point I am unable to find a high paying job like before in the states without college. I just put myself back in college and swimming with more debt I know what to do with. I was given a chance to work overseas and earn enough to live but that is it. Best life I can give myself right now. Here is the debt behind.


btw can't do bankruptcy for another 4 years

77,000 in debt. that is car and about 40,000 i borrowed from a friend when I was married and had high paying job and the rest is credit cards and loans i guess all the debt is considered unsecurced. 18,000 of what I borrowed was recent to pay for wife stuff before we split.

Don't say sue the wife or anything honestly i don't blame her. I never cheated or anything but i was never the best husband either.


i want to make good on my debt to all but there is no way. I have 4 years of college before I can dream of the earnings I was making. The job overseas is good for 3 years. I don't want to do anything illegally no way. I just can't pay it anytime soon.

Question is simple.

Am I breaking any laws? I can't make due on the debt and right now left just went so far south i have no way to climb back out. I think my only out is bankruptcy again but that is 4 years away. God I hate to do that again. what is left of my morals will go away.


btw, i am still state side and using my savings to make payments right now. I have about 5,000 in the bank for now Will last another 6 months.

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I doubt you have the kind of debt where you'd actually be chased down for - unless you own high end cars or aircraft, you will most likely leave behind unpaid debt and judgements.

Judgements can be good for up to 20 years, so no matter how long you're gone, you'll have to deal with everything eventually.

You're not probably not breaking any criminal laws, but I would consult with an attorney to be sure.

While overseas, you'll probably want a local bank account - anything deposited into an American account could be levied if they get judgments against you.


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Just an FYI:  While you're out of the country, the SOL on any current debts you owe will probably be tolled.  That means that the SOL clock stops running.  When you return to the U.S.,, the SOL clock will start running again.

For instance, let's say the SOL on a debt in your state is 6 years.  You have a debt on a credit card that has 1 year left on the SOL.  When you leave the country, the SOL clock stops running.  Once you return, no matter how many years later, the SOL clock starts running again, and there's another 1 year for the SOL to expire.

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i honestly plan to do bankruptcy if I have too in 4 years when I come back to states. I am 29 so doing it again at 34 won't be so bad. Just during the 4 years don't want to break any laws. I am just really out of choices right now. I have almost nothing . either the streets or take this job .

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