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A Look Back at 2016

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A Look Back at 2016

There have been many successes over the past year for members of this site.   Unfortunately, a few disappointing rulings have taken place, but I suppose that's to be expected.  As the saying goes, "we can't win 'em all".  

Thanks to the knowledgeable members here, a number of collection lawsuits were dismissed in favor of the consumers.   Some of those dismissals were a result of consumer/defendant demands for arbitration.   A special thanks goes out to @fisthardcheese for his vast knowledge of and experience with the procedure.   Thank you!

Other members have taken it upon themselves to learn about the arbitration procedure in order to help new members.    Thank you to @Harry Seaward, @shellieh98, and @Coffee_before_tea.   I'm sure there are other members who have educated themselves about the procedure, so we thank you, as well.  

A special thanks to @Harry Seaward due to the fact that his willingness to learn about the arbitration procedure has enabled some Arizona defendants to successfully defend against lawsuits in very unfriendly courts.

Some lawsuits were dismissed without a demand for arbitration.  California is a prime example.   Our California "regulars" are both knowledgeable and devoted.   Due to their knowledge of CA civil procedure, the vast majority of debt collection lawsuits filed against the CA members of this site were dismissed.   @calawyer, @Anon Amos, @RyanEX, @sadinca, and any CA member I've failed to mention, thank you!   You guys rock!

@texasrocker deserves thanks for his help to TX consumers which has resulted in dismissals.   All of us, not just TX consumers, appreciate his help and devotion.

We thank @debtzapper for his helpful case law research and constant words of support to members.   If one ever needs supporting case law, he's the one most likely to locate it.

Medical debts can be a "different animal".   Thankfully, we have @Clydesmom.   While many of us don't have to deal with such debt (a blessing), there are those that do.   We are grateful that she can offer information and advice on that issue.

@willingtocope and @Dylan Riggs are great admins.  We thank them for their help and support.

I'm sure there are other members that deserve a special mention, so I apologize to those I've omitted.   Every member who offers helpful information deserves our appreciation.

Needless to say, with so many different personalities on this site, there's been some contention.  I believe in debate because it's provides the opportunity to both offer one's opinion and consider the opinions of others.   In the future, I hope we can have healthy, informative debates without resorting to insults. 

Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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9 hours ago, Anon Amos said:

Hope you are doing well. You have a done a lot of good for people here.

Thank you sir. 

I am doing mostly well.   Being laid up for 2-1/2 months I lost two jobs that would have given me the resources to eliminate my IRS debt so now I have to start over on that.  I landed two more but they are being slow to get started.  I build apartment complexes (framing contractor) so I have to wait until concrete slabs are poured and the concrete contractor has to wait until dirt work and underground plumbing is completed and passes inspection etc...  It is not uncommon for one job to be delayed now and then but two at the same time can definitely put a damper on income.   

For now I am getting plenty of sleep,  my house and yard are getting plenty of attention, and plenty of miles are being racked up on the Harleys.   It's going to be a long, hot and hectic summer so I may as well make up for the comfort and rest now that will be ever so elusive in the coming months. 

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