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Midland Funding trying to serve me on a Synchrony Account

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I live in Bexar County Texas and just started receiving letters from different lawyers wanting to represent me in a lawsuit filed by Midland Funding on an account they purchased from Synchrony Bank which Synchrony Bank is not even the Original Creditor on.  I started doing some research and found that it was filed in a JP Court here.  I know I need to be served which a private service company has left a few notices on my door for and I know the next step would be to file my answer however my question would be how should I file my answer and in Bexar County at which point would I file for discovery?  This is all new to me so any help someone could give me would be much welcomed.  They amount they are suing for is $3483.33

Also looking my Credit Report I see that Midland Funding has Changed the opened date to what I am guessing is that date they purchased the debt (08-15) is this legal or should it remain the date of the original agreement with the original creditor?




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Was the original creditor a GEMB account?  Synchrony bought GE contracts and took over all those accounts.  What was the initial card - a store card or care credit, etc?

Texas has some good consumer state law protactions, but I'm not sure how much of that will be helpful after a suit is filed.  @texasrocker is a good source for specific TX laws.

Arbitration may be your best option.  Synchrony card agreements have JAMS, which would cost  midland $5k to try to get $3k out of you.  That puts them into a lose-lose situation that they would rather just walk away from.  You would need to file a motion to compel arbitration to get the court to order the parties to JAMS arbitration per the card agreement. There are many good threads on this board regarding MTC and arbitration in general.

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I too am being "sued" by MIDLAND, in Texas.  I have posted for some feedback too.  I have not yet been served, and only found out by the letters from Attorneys offering to represent me in my lawsuit.  Mine too is a SYCHRONY BANK original holder, which purchased the DISCOVER account and then raised my payment arrangements that I had set up with DISCOVER.  So I am in the same boat as you are and hope to resolve without an attorney and/or judgment against me.

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