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Hi,  I am brand new here.  Joined to get an answer to something I've wondered about for years.  Is it necessary to shred credit card receipts?  They only have the last 4 digits of the account, except a few which also spell out the issuer's name.  (I'm looking at one that says - in paraphrase - BANK X VISA **********1234.  Also, I am a customer of a brokerage firm which sends me statements, confirmations, annual and quarterly reports, and miscellaneous other documents.  I tend to keep the statements, throw away confirmations after transactions appear on the statements, and throw out the generic reports and other docs not related specifically to my account.  Before throwing things out, I shred anything with my account number, but I haven't been shredding the ones that are generic and don't have my account number.  But should I shred those also?  They have my name and address (for purpose of mailing in a window envelope. )  Note that I tried to set them up for electronic delivery, but it never worked to eliminate the paper mail.  Thanks for any help!

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