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Taking the Stand for the WIN - California JDB loser to cross

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I'm not an expert, but I personally would be prepared to object to anything they try to ask you.  You should, if possible, attend a court day beforehand, so you can get familiar with the process and the atmosphere.  You might even end up seeing the same attorneys that represent the plaintiff in your case, bonus if you do!  I ended up seeing the attorney I'm going up against in this manner, and it was interesting to say the least.  I'm not saying to blindly object to everything they ask, but they are supposed to keep things relevant to the issue at hand.  Where you have worked previously or since, I'd imagine, is not relevant, because even if you had some responsibility in other places to pay company debt, that does not mean that you did in the employment in question.  They will likely try to trick you into admitting responsibility and/or use of the account.  If you had no involvement with paying company debts, I would simply say that and stick to that. 


They are probably going after you because the company is out of business.  Question for you--did you have any responsibility for paying company debts when you worked there?  If not, then chances are, they are grasping at straws.  Most people, if they get served a summons, never bother to answer, so debt collectors basically live for default judgments. 

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