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Motion to Dismiss help needed in Florida

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I was served before Christmas and attended my first pre-trial case just after New Years, which thankfully I went in with some knowledge of my rights. When brought into the mediation room I asked for more discovery, and denied everything. PRA's lawyer was nice enough and granted an extension  for discovery and another pre-trial date was scheduled by the court. A few days ago I received their "proof" in the form of a big manila envelope of old capital one bills....no letter of assignment. I contacted a local lawyer who unfortunately doesn't do PRA, but did advise me to file a motion to dismiss based on failure to show ownership/standing. Knowing very little about legalese and wording, I would love a point in the right direction on how to write such, cases to site, etc. I feel very overwhelmed!! Ive found sample letters for format but understand I need to learn more about florida statutes and when I word it I have to back up my claim, but it just feels like its going over my head....help?


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10 hours ago, debtzapper said:

Send a PM to @LawKitty   She is a member here and a FL lawyer who has gotten MANY PRA cases dismissed.  Her fees are reasonable and she is a very caring person.  There is no cost or obligation for a consultation.

Ive already spoken with her, but unfortunately the reason Im doing pro se is I'm poor and don't have $600 to fork over :(

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