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Being sued by Cavary Spv I, LLC in California


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My mother just received a letter saying she owes about $40,000. It is a "Notice of Levy Under Writ Of Execution" 

It was mailed 1/4/17. Prior to this, she said she received no letters and/or phone calls about this debt.

It is a writ of Execution (money judgement) and unlimited civil case. 

It does not state to whom she had this debt to. But it states judgement entered March 13, 2013 and issued December 6, 2016. 

What steps would I, or rather, my mother would need to take? 

I tried looking in the forums of what she needs to do but it seems like my mother is in the deep end already. Which, we're both completely clueless. How should we resolve this? Thanks


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34 minutes ago, Drewd said:

What steps would I, or rather, my mother would need to take? 

They already sued her and have a judgment.  You need to get to the courthouse and get copies of EVERYTHING in the case file.  For that amount there has to be a process of service and if they used sewer service to get this judgment she has a case against them.  They are taking steps to garnish her wages or levy bank accounts so do not delay on this.  California gives her some added rights to avoid this if her income is low enough that other states do not afford their residents.  

If her debt is that high then she REALLY needs to meet with a bankruptcy attorney and discuss filing. That will make all of this go away in 24 hours of filing the case.

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