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What to do ????

Lost and  confused

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Good morning to all. I am trying to find out how to go about removing a judgment from my credit report. Here's the situation...in August of 2015 I was severed papers to appear at court in two weeks. A few days before the sheriff's showed up to my home ,I had just received my rent back that I had sent the landlord for the month of June and the remaining rent from the previous month. At court I was told that the reason I was being asked to move was due one of my sons never nonpayment of rent. I was asked how long would it take for me to move and I was given to the end of August2015. I send a paper sealing my records and a paper I thought only stating that i would be moved by the proved date, which I did.  Now the problem lays in the fact that on my credit report they are saying that I owe them $3,988.00 on a judgment that I signed. The money orders that were sent back was for the months that their saying I did not pay!!!! Help what to ??? The judgment papers that I signed only have the month of June to July of 2015!!! Crazy. Can anyone send me some advice??? Truly would appreciate it. I'm new at all of this!!!

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