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Suing creditor but need more info


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I have hired  an attorney to file a lawsuit against a company regarding identity theft/FCRA violations.  The problem is that we don't have much information on the company other than address & phone number.   According to their website URL, they were an online catalog, but no longer selling items, just maintaining existing customer accounts prior to discontinuing sales.  They are obviously actively reporting to CRA's, so is  there a public resource to get more info about them?   Seems like there is very little info available on them, even general info that can usually be found online.  Their activity on my credit reports started in 2013 until recent.   I am willing to pay if necessary to get a report on them due to the nature of violations, and would like to get a better idea of who/what we are dealing with, also if they have similar complaints from consumers.  I know this would normally be public record if there was civil action taken, but don't know if they always did business under the info we have, or something else. Based on their reporting to the CRA's, it appears they know little to nothing regarding their obligations under the law, or they simply don't care.  That is not just coming from an angry consumer, but based on facts. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice.


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I would consider that you may be throwing good money after bad trying to sue a phantom.  

First:  dispute the trade line.  If it comes back verified then you send a Method of Verification letter to the CRA(s) asking who verified and how along with their contact information.  That should give you and an attorney enough to go after them.  That and most attorneys have the resources to actually track down the Defendant if there is sufficient financial gain to be had.

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