Victim of identity theft jury trial in federal court

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I was recently a victim of identity theft, and I am now pursuing FCRA violations against multiple parties.  I can't give specifics for obvious reasons, but I will post my case once there is a final ruling.  I hope it will help anyone who has been a true victim of this devastating crime.  As of today, my case is headed to a jury trial in federal court based on alleged FCRA violations by multiple parties (for the same fraudulent account/debt).  The law is there for a reason,  to protect not just identity theft victims, but all consumers from unfair, inaccurate credit reporting, and it needs to be enforced by holding any/all parties accountable for violations.  Through the recovery process, I simply relied  on the law, because that's really all I had.  My recovery was far more complicated than it should have been due to alleged FCRA violations.   I went through hell, and I hope  my story can be a helpful reference for anyone who is a victim of FCRA violations period.   I give credit to all the useful information, forums, and contributors for helping me through the frustrating recovery process.  

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Can I ask how long it took, I found out in Nov of course that when I thought I was taking my two babies to a different state to start over and then realized when I got there my score dropped over 330 points and I am still struggling and fighting with the car getting repossessed, being laid off from work, man a score (bad) can really screw up a life

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