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The 3 Credit Beaureas are removing liens and Judgement, and big changes to medical.starting July 1st


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Please click the link above it will take you to Yahoo where there reporting the Credit Beaureas decisions about civil judgements, and Leon's also medical debt!!  Great news for me and I know thousands of wrongful illegally convicted and wrongly reported!!!   All I can say it's about time Things are changing !!http://finance.yahoo.com/news/credit-reports-exclude-certain-negative-223300291.html


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Yes it will be in full force by 2018!! And if balance is 0 ,paid by Insurance or yourself or who ever doesn't matter! The fact is is medical debt does not have a balance by 2018 it will no longer show in your CR and med accounts paid to a 0 balance have to removed ! They CA can't say we can't delete it or we don't do that by law we can't remove it from CR but we will update the balance ..  

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