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Capital One Judgement


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Some time around 10-16,capital one got a default  judgment against me,I screwed up by not showing up to court. They have not garnish my check or anything. I would like to resolve this.

The Judgement isn't on my credit report, I want to take care of it. They used the law firm foster and garbus,which I read can be difficult.

I  got  just about enough to cover it. The amount is about $2800 and I am in ny. I was wondering if anyone had any experience settling with them, in one lump sum,after judgment.  Could I get some type of discount? Any tips or  advise, on what to say?


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The judgment was actually for a tad over $2500,I hired a lawyer and he worked out a settlement for $1250 and the judgement would be vacated. I have until 5-28,to make the payment. I'm just waiting to get everything in writing them ,I will mail out a check.

Foster and Garbus seemed very hard to work with. The lawyer cost $500,I saved about $750,minus the tax hit once I get the 1099 c forum.

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