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Eight years ago, Advanta credit card debts were removed from my account after Advanta was dissolved by the FDIC. I still had a small business balance. A collection agency named Carson Smithfield sent me a letter last week saying that I was to pay them 20% of the amount due. Do they have an agreement with a defunct credit card company? I recently applied for a HELOC and Experian was consulted and they had a lot of inaccuracies on my credit report and I was denied. Now the dogs of Carson are on my tail. Any suggestions?

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The Statute of Limitations to sue you for this in Florida is gone. They also cannot place this on your credit report after 7 1/2 years.  I'd send them a letter certified mail return receipt requested with a copy of their letter and keep a copy telling Carson that you deny this alleged debt entirely and will sue if this is on your credit report..  They cannot legally collect this or report it.


Carson Smithfield  are Scum!!

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