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Are CAs required to stop reporting at 7 year SOL by FCRA?


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Just trying to sort out a game plan here - I've got 2 collections reporting by a collection agency on *only* my EQ report, the original trade lines have fallen of all 3 reports due to expiration of SOL for reporting, and the collections are also off of Experian and TU.  The issue is that my Mortgage broker cannot approve me for a mortgage with the two collections remaining on my EQ report.  The unpinning TLs with the OC  *are past the FCRA reporting SOL of 7 years* and I have solid documentation regarding this.  Again, the original TLs from the original creditors are ALL gone, from every report, including EQ - which is still showing the collections.  The collections are showing a date of first delinquency of 6 months after the real DOFD - and what they report as the DOFD is actually the date the accounts were changed off by the OC. 

My question is - if I have to sue the CA for removal - are they covered by the FDCA, which I understand is what sets forth the SOL for reporting for 7 years post date of first delinquency?  If not, what governs their (the CA's) reporting?  Is there a SOL in the FDCPA?  Are CA limited to the 7 years SOL?  Maybe a better question is how do I attack this?



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 The reporting SOL is set at 7 years by the FCRA. I seem to recall some courts have allowed for an extra 180 days.

I would first dispute the trade lines with the CRAs and see what happens with that. If they don't get deleted,  I'd go see a consumer rights lawyer to see if you have a claim for FCRA violations. 

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