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Collection agency trying to collect on debt that says "ACCT CLOSED DUE TO REFINANCE;"


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Hi everyone,

I have an account that I disputed with Lexington Law (still have the records) and a collection agency is trying to say I owe 4700 dollars while in disputing with both the credit bureaus and original creditor letter there could be no verification of this debt. When I pulled my most current credit report it shows "ACCT CLOSED DUE TO REFINANCE;". I never refinanced this alleged account and I do have proof of Lexington disputing and getting items off this account removed several times. Should I present this in court against the collection agency? 


P.S. One of the collection agencies the current collection agency bought the account from was given a debt validation also by lexington and they removed the item because they also had no proof.

Please advise.


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you asked should you provide this stuff to court, are you being sued?  The CA that is sending you the notice NOW, have they ever sent you one before? 

I would write a certified letter disputing the debt asking them to provide debt validation. 

Is this you debt? was it, and then sold? 

at this stage you need to just dispute until you can get more info.  did you ever have an open account with the original creditor that was not paid?  If not, I would send the credit reporting agencies a dispute also, asking them to remove or validate it. If they validate it and you still don't think it's yours, write them a letter asking for their method of validation. They would then need to send you the name of the person who validated and phone number so you could follow up, OR remove it off your credit report.

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