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OC sent me weird demands regarding witness? (Sued in CA)

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I am currently sued by OC in CA and the trial date is in June 2017.

A couple days ago, Plaintiff sent me demand for expert trail witness information (2034.210) and demand for production of expert reports and writings (2034.210c)

The weird thing is the Plaintiff demands that they want to meet up in their office in two weeks at a specific time in person to exchange information concerning trial expert witnesses.


Here are my questions:

1. Do I have to respond to these demands? I don't have a designated expert witness for trial so I have no information to give to them.

2. Per 2034.260,  "The exchange of information may occur at a meeting of the attorneys for the parties involved or by a mailing on or before the date of exchange." Does that mean I don't have to go to their office at that specific time and instead, just mail my response? I don't have time to drive up there in the middle of the day to their office and I honestly don't see the point of meeting in person when we can just exchange the information in writing.

3. Do these demands count as CCP 96 since we have to disclose our expert witnesses or should I still send out CCP 96 later?

4. If I end up mailing my response, will they mail me their information as well or they will just claim that they didn't have to mail me since I didn't show up to their office as they demanded.

Any help or tips would be appreciated it. I have been scrolling through the topics in this forum but I feel like this is a rare move made by the Plaintiff so I am not sure what to do with these demands.

Thank you,


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