"Newbie here – gurus URGENTLY needed! First court date for foreclosure this coming Tuesday after five months hospitalized in past year"

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"Newbie here – gurus URGENTLY needed! First court date for foreclosure this coming Tuesday after five months hospitalized in past year"



Background: FIVE hospitalizations in the past 14 months -- the most recent of which was TWO MONTHS LONG. Financial situation dire. Formerly excellent credit along with prompt, in-full payments for all debts until September when I was unable to continue making mortgage payments.


Facts So Far:
7/16 - continued making mortgage payments. Got a housing counselor who initiated application process for Housing Hardship Fund, a federal grant/forgivable loan exclusively for paying back any unmet monthly mortgage debt & fees.

8/16 - continued mortgage payments. Telephoned Citimortgage while still current to explore options. I chose not to pursue loan modification or forbearance due to medical duress.

9/16 to present stopped making mortgage payments.

Regularly telephoned/responded to Citimortgage emails to let them know I'm pursuing Housing Hardship Fund to re-pay outstanding mortgage payments.

**No responses or contacts whatsoever to me or my housing counselor from Citi's assigned point person.


10/16 - Began receiving Medicaid


Began filling out application for SSI.

2/17 - 3/17
2-month hospitalization

After months of no replies, received a letter from a law firm representing Citi indicating my home in downtown Chicago, Illinois had been referred for foreclosure.

2/17 to present - never served a summons while in the hospital

Only recently told of my court info through Cook county public record, but I don't know how to look that up.

Didn't know anything about "Motion to appear & answer" within 30 days of foreclosure referral until a couple of days ago.  So I didn't execute that.


As Of Today:
Researched foreclosure timeline(s).
Studied Illinois Legal Aid Fndn foreclosure site and all sublinks.

Still in awful medical & financial shape even though I've been discharged from hospital.


What are my options?
What would you do next?
What, if any, are considered valid reasons for me as the borrower to request a continuance? Would that temporarily *suspend* foreclosure process?



Thank you for you for your valuable time with specific replies.

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I think at this point you need to file for CH 7 and with a bankruptcy stay, then the proceedings in court are topped. I am not gonna lie the legal situation is dire but You are going to have to get a lawyer to do bankruptcie. Normally I would say it is doable but with significant medical healing going on, and the effects of what meds they may have you on, undertaking a very large scale task such as foreclosure defense is I believe a weighty issue. The loan modification may stay the foreclosure but I believe that ship has sailed with the foreclosure.

I believe though that any, answer to the lawsuit must be filed IMMEDIATELY, and that may buy you some time. Illinois law is not a thing I am familiar with but I will try to help as much as I can. I ask any other members with Illinois experience to please help. Allow me to get home from work and get to the Seadragon laptop of power.


I know what a pain dept collection while trying to recover from a major illness is like.

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I agree with sea dragon. If you file BK7 now, it wills stop the immediate foreclosure.  If you went from a paycheck to SSI, it might be something you would have had to do anyway.  It would also free you up from any of your other unsecured debts. You could use any money you had then to pay a BK lawyer. While you could do it yourself, if your ill, it is complicated, and might be better to have a BK lawyer handle it anyway.  This would give you time to apply for the back payment thing, and maybe a modified loan. At any rate you need to do it soon. 

Go to the court to get a copy of the summons, and answer it ASAP. I would put denied on everything but your name and addy.  Good luck

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