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One Main Financial bait & switch

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 In 2015 I took out a loan with One Main Financial. I ended up getting cold feet prior to signing the papers due to being at a new job. All paperwork showed how long I was at each job including my recent job of a couple months. Then the sales guy sold me on the unemployment insurance.

Of course I became unemployed and was rejected for the insurance from not being at my job long enough prior to taking out the loan. They wouldn't take into account I left my prior job on my own to start my new job days later. The more I research this I'm seeing one main has pulled this on others. Is there a argument to be made on this. Right now I have a collection company sueing me with court next month. The debt was sold to midland. I live in NH

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12 minutes ago, John Dem said:

Is there a argument to be made on this.

In defending the suit?  In my opinion no.  Midland did not sell you the UI insurance.  You would have to read all the terms of the insurance to know if One Main or the issuer violated the terms.  If they did improperly refuse to pay the insurance your recourse is against them.  

I can tell you that most of those policies do require that you be employed for a minimum amount of time on your current job before the coverage is effective.  How long you were at your previous job is not a factor.  Also, WHY you lost your job is another major factor.  If it is for cause those policies typically do not cover that either.

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