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Being Sued As Well By Calvary SPV 1 LLC In California As Well, Have A Few Questions

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14 hours ago, bp00 said:

I would read through everything on this case & then ask any questions you may have.

WOW, interesting. I can't believe she "lost" because the filed the CCP 96 3 days too early. BUMP.

Also she didn't want to settle for 2K on a $19,000 debt. (I understand. she wanted o win.)

I think they will try to bring witnesses for my cases. I will make sure I file the CCP96 within 45 days.

Question one.

Is the CMC required, when it is scheduled and by who (Plaintiff, Defendant/Judge?

Question two.

If I mess up along he way and I have to cross examine their witnesses in court. They could testify that the debt amount is accurate and correct, however, how can they convince the Judge that I was the one making payments or charging the card with purchases.?  When I asked for such documents the Plaintiff never sent when the BOL was requested.

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