I Need to Report Debt Collector Lawyer to the Authority

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54 minutes ago, haithemks said:

The Law is the Law. $ 20 k will be good reward for the time. Will see . I will update you all when the case is finished.

Yes, the law is the law.  The issue is whether or not the law has been broken.   You've given us no reason to believe that violations have occurred.  Based upon the lack of details, do not expect us to believe you if you update with a "win".

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Has there been a summary judgement against the OP yet?  Should come any day now.

That's what happens when one wishes to pursue crazy conspiracy theories instead of working within reality and the great help from people who responded to this thread.  It's a shame too, because with that free JAMS clause in the Synchrony agreement, OP really had a good shot at walking away from the suit free and clear, but it would have required listening to reason and doing a proper search of his issues.  I guess you can't help those who don't want to be helped.

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