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5 hours ago, Mr.Naux said:

I am being sued by midland funding LLC, could use to some help for pre trial or some opinions would help. Docs plaintiff provided have some discrepancies as well.

First things first - in order to get a better idea of your case - please make a post copying and pasting a few questions (those that are applicable in your case) and answering them to the best of your ability.

You can find the Q's here:


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If at all possible, you want to get this case out of court and into arbitration as fast as you can.  You'll almost certainly lose the case if it goes to summary judgment or trial.  Look in your original credit card agreement for an "arbitration" clause.  If you don't have your original agreement, look for one here:

Come back and let us know if you have an arbitration clause in your agreement and we'll set you on a path to have the court order the case into arbitration.  Also, please let us know what stage the case is at.  Answer filed, any motions, discovery, etc.

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