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Hunt & Henriques / Capital one

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7 hours ago, namasch said:

Do I need to file these responses with the court?  I can't tell whether they filed their requests with the court.


Thank you.

You don't need to file the Responses with the Court--unless you're, like I'd been, late with them. However, the Court will allow you to IF you want to.

You *do* need to send them with a PoS. I didn't send a PoS for each Response. I only sent one for all three.

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  • 2 years later...

I was sued for Capital One and Hunt & Henruques in Riverside Court in 2013.

I have no idea how it works if you are represented by an attorney. If you are Pro Se (i.e. can't afford an attorney and have to represent yourlself) then Riverside Courrt (and most courts in California) I have found do not give a crap about your rights or Due Process. Riverside Court is basically a Kangaroo Court to help bank with their collections. They are among the The Courts biggest customers and pay alot of filing fees that keeps the court in business. I should know I spent several years working for Wells Fargo and smaller finance company managing litigations and collections.

1. The was no Service of Process. I notified The Court of this and filed complaints with the corrupt Riversidde Clerk of the Court, the corrupt judge, the corrupt Bar Associaton and the corrupt California Attorney General. I filed a motion to quash service of process the Riverside Court took my filing fee and wouldn't allow me to see the judge and rule on my motions. They basically defrauded me. THe goverment defrauding people awesome. But that's how California works in NYC and IL the mafia are the Gambino's and Bonanco's and Calabrese etc. In CA the mafia is the goverment, the courts, the police and the city attorneys and district attornerneys running traffic court extortion rackets and helping the banksters screw the poor and working poor.

2. Fortheenth Amendment violation. Because I was not represented by an attorney the would not allow me to exercise my due process rights. 

I wanted to sue the court but apparently in California its almost impossible to sue the court successfuly. What attorney would be stupid enough to ruin his practice making an enemy of  The Courts, even if I had the money to hire an attorney to sue the court.

And its not just the Riverside Court. When I lived in Long Beach and and a tow company double charged my Capital One credit card years ago and the merchant wouldn't return my calls to resolve and Capital One refused to comply with the Fair Credit Billing Act and reserve the charge. I sued the tow campony and Capital One had good service of process on the tow company and Capital One and the judge in the banker's kagaroo Court of Los Angeles in Long Beach dismissed my cause of action against Capital One instead of giving me a default judgement when they failed to appaer, though that same judge probably gives Capital One dozens of default judgements against debtors (some of which may not have even received service of process) every week. 

When I had to do small claims cases for Wells Financial and then the smaller company as th erepresentative of the creditor the judges vary rarely ever asked my for evidence of the debt like they are supposed to. As a credit plaintiff The Califonria Courts (I handled cases in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern and Ventura Counties) were basically there to work for me and my employer and do our bidding and the last few California Attorney Generals (including now Senator and Presidential candidate Kamila Harris) are a bunch of buearcrats there to make money for them selves enhance their careers to try to become Governor, or Senator, or PResident and don;t do **** for the working poor or middle class.


Best Wishes but if you seek "Justice" my suggestions is to leave California unless you have millions in your bank account to buy "justice". The poor at least get very generous social programs here but are screwed the most by the legal extortion rackets and regressive gas tax and vehicle registration tax increase shcemes. I've learned my lessons living here since 1995 as soon as I get a good job offer elsewhere I'm gone. Most of the people I know that earn a decent living that are smarter than me have left already.


Best of luck, 



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