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Debtor Interogatorie summons received


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Had a judgement awarded against me a few weeks ago for over $5,000, now I receive this today. I understand that I have to appear and answer anything asked of me, but other than that I'm kind of lost. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. 

My situation is this. I own nothing personally except an old pickup truck and some 20 year old tools worth very little. I got married 2 years ago and my wife owns a house, vehicle, etc. but they are all in her name as they were before we were married. I hope they can't touch her things since the judgement is against me only, her name is not on it at all? We are in VA.

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Virginia is not a community property state so that helps.  Make sure your name is not on any joint bank accounts with her or anyone else because they can freeze the account and the other person has to work 10 times harder to get it undone.  If your name is not on the home or other vehicle they probably cannot require you to disclose them since they are not your assets and it isn't a community property state.  They cannot garnish her wages to pay your debt.


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