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Current Situation FYI


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It has been many, many months since my last login. A lot has happened with the accounts I had listed in default. This all started Oct 2012 (last payment to them), SOL is 6 years here. Major health issues & my age.


1. Wireless account closed, not listed on my CR when I got the Atty Gen & FCC involved. It was a bogus charge. $480 Closed

2. Retail account, Citibank issuer. Judgment was awarded (2015) to them, I had refused to pay after calling for relief & was turned down. Still listed but no attempts to collect. $3,200 still not claimed on taxes because judgment is still pending. Open

3. Chase VISA, received 1099C-G written off, claimed/paid taxes, still listed on CR. $1,800 Closed

4. Target/TD VISA settled for less, 1099C-G claimed/paid taxes, still listed on CR. $5,200 Closed

5. Gas Card, sold to CA, DV - CD rcv'd letter stating they would not attempt collection, still listed haven't heard anything more. Not on CR. $1,400 They can't send a 1099C. (?)

6. DFS, retail after DV - CD to CA never heard anything, not listed on my CR. $1,400 They can't send a 1099C. (?)

7. Gas Card, sold to CA, went into collection, as listed on my CR. $1,300 They can't send a 1099C. (?)

8. MC Citibank issued, sold to CA then resold to CA, recently had another CA send me a settlement offer for 40% ($600). DV'd still waiting. I had called the 1st CA they had no account information listed other than they owned it, the original creditor was Exxon & they got out of the MC business in 2010, closed all their books. Citibank had no records other than who they had sold it to, obviously it was attempted to either get the SOL reset or an attempt to make a few dollars then resell it again. $1,500 They can't send a 1099C. (?)


Figuring my dire straits in 2012 & my current situation, I started with $63,000 in debt (no mortgage) two auto loans, 1 personal secured loan, various other smaller debts, AMEX (all my health charges ($7,200 they worked with me) & the 8 listed defaulted accounts. My health issues are in remission & all tests are in good shape, but it's a crap shoot. I had to pay $11,000 out of pocket during 2011-2012 for treatment. I am debt free with the exception of the judgment & the (?) unsecured accounts. Total claimed indebtedness $8,800. SOL expires Oct 2018. I could probably pay all of it off but WHY? - Collection Proof. FICO/FAKO scores 659 TR, 681 EQ, 673 EX - I have one low limit unsecured MC used only for emergencies & carry zero balance since getting it.


Thanks for all the information & help. I’m definitely getting proper sleep at nights.

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