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HELP! I received a bill from Portfolio Recovery Associates, and I don't know how to dispute!

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I received a bill from Portfolio Recovery Associates in the amount of $300.00. I have read a lot of threads on here, but there are many different ways in which people are sending these junk debt collectors debt validation letters. Can someone please tell me, should I make it a simple letter- just ask for verification, or should I go in depth with all the Federal laws, 15 U.S Code 1692g, etc... 

I am also being sued by them for collection of another credit card bill. I am trying to address this 2nd bill before they follow with a law suit. 

I am also a disabled veteran, and my sole source of income is my VA disability payments. I have also stated that on the original answer for the 1st lawsuit, and am thinking of putting that on the debt verification letter for the 2nd credit card.

Any info and help is greatly appreciated!


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