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I have received notice of a Civil Complaint filed against me by CACH LLC with my local District Justice.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th and I have already given my Notice to Defend.

According to the paperwork, this was originally a debt to GE Capital Retail Bank that was opened on or about 11/25/1999.

It states that the account was charged off on or about 11/13/2013 with an outstanding balance of $2,900. 

Subsequent to charging it off, the issuer sold the account on or about 12/23/2013 to CACH LLC.

Demand has been made by CACH LLC for payment with defendant failing to remit payment.

Paperwork was filed by a J.A Cambrece Law Office, PC and signed by Lloyd E. Wilson, Esq.

I assume, that is the attorney who will represent CACH at the hearing.

Now what?

This was a credit card from 1999 that does not even appear on my credit report.

There were probably no payments made to this account or creditor since "on or about" February 2001, making this debt delinquent by at least 16 years.

I have never responded to inquiries from CACH as they never identified a creditor before this time and I know that if I respond the "clock" resets for this debt.

Currently, I am out of work, unemployment benefits ran out months ago and I have NO income at this time.

So there is nothing for them to collect from me.  I own nothing but don't want a judgement against me, if at all possible.

I have worked hard over the past years to build up my credit score to a still below average rating and don't want to start at square one again.

Can I successfully defend myself? 

What strategy do I use?


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If they sued on an out-of-sol debt then any good consumer lawyer should take your case for free and get you some money, since that would be an FDCPA violation.

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