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Received request for admissions


(Background information) In July 2006 we purchased/financed a vehicle for which we paid monthly installments due to circumstances our last payment was around January 2010 and the vehicle was repossessed in April. On 01/22/2015 a complaint was filed in Hillsborough County (indicates the debt was purchased by FFS, Inc - the plaintiff on 03/31/2011) and on 03/02/2015 we received a summons and we filed our answers on 03/20/2015. We had not received any further communication, that is until 02/27/2017 when we received a Notice of Intent to dismiss from Hills County due to lack of prosecution. They plaintiff assigned a new attorney and now on 05/10/2017 received request for admissions.


I want to file my request for admissions, however I want to be sure I do not answer in such a way that will make the situation any worse.


Separately, my mother was the cosigner on the loan and although they had her address information , The request for admissions I received has two copies, one addressed to my mother and stating it was mailed to her address. This was mailed to my address only and after speaking to my mother she confirmed she never received said document, how should I go about her side of it as I know there is a 30 day timeline on filing the response to the request for admissions.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I cannot afford to be represented by an attorney on this case and just want the headache to be over.

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