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For the past few years, I've been mostly absent here, have forgotten many things in deletion of TL's.   

Have a friend who is recently divorced.  There were some accounts that friend was an authorized user.  The primary on the account has since, due to divorce decree, paid off and closed accounts.  Now friends score has tanked, dropping near 80 points.  Must admit, this was a surprise to me.  When I paid off credit cards, my score went up.  True, accounts remained open, except one.

My one concern here is if requests for deletion on AU accounts are granted, scores most likely will drop more, while leaving will help score, even if account closed.  True or false?

Another account, primary claimed a lost card, creditor closed, issued new number and card.  OK!  Now, friends report shows a balance due on old, though closed,  account.  Talked by chat with OC, told not on new account.  OK!   Won't change reported info on old.  Is sending the letter, sent CMRR, the better option?  Or, online dispute? Over the years, some have said one is better than the other.  My thought lies online, to save "snail mail" time.

I know new accounts will drop a score at opening, though, usually not that much.  Friend opened two CC's in own name.  Paid off every month.  Goal is to raise score to purchase a home.  Currently, scores hover at 700.

All comments, and/or opinions welcome.


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