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I am at the end of my rope..

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2 years ago I made a horrible decision that keeps me up at night. I bought a car in MY name for my boyfriend at the time to use, since he had just totaled his truck. This is in the state of Alabama. He needed a truck for work and convinced his room mate to buy a truck in his name and he would make payments on the truck. In return he let the roomate use the car that was in MY name. I wad pretty much bullied into the situation. The deal was the roomate was to insure the car under him and make the payments.. Fast forward a couple months later and he totals it... With no insurance on it and has not paid a payment since. I had to move back to NY for family reasons and the economy here has set me back to the point I was unable to make payments. I do not know what to do. Everything seems to be a dead end and I feel hopeless and scared. Since moving back to NY my now ex boyfriend has put the car someplace and will not tell me where it is located. I have an understanding that if I was to voluntarily repo my car in the condition it's in there would be some serious repercussions. But seeing as the accident was not my fault I am not sure how that plays out. I cannot afford to fix it. I cannot afford to make payments and the guy who totaled it is a bartender so I would be lucky if I ever seen another dime for what he has done. What can I do? Do I have options? Help!

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File a police report for auto theft. 

Other than that, you're name is on the loan and you're 100% liable for insuring the vehicle and repaying the loan.

I'm not sure what "serious reprocussions" you're thinking for surrendering a wrecked car,  but the most that would happen is they total the car out and you're liable for the amount of the loan minus any equity and what they can wholesale the car for. Better to at least try to find it and get some amount of the loan offset as opposed to letting someone get away with stealing your car.  

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