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First post. Forgive me and feel free to redirect if my search didn't find a related post that would help. 

I have an item in collections that reads "open" with trans union. The original debt is mine. It was with banfield and sold to IC systems.  It was the normal wellness plan and possibly what ever reconciliation is done when a pet dies and you've used more of their services than you've paid for in the monthly wellness plan. I did not think to notify them when he died.  Absolutely my fault 


Debt is ready as 2 years 9 months past due and an open account.   I'd like to improve my credit score and hendle this debt in the best way for my own hsitory and score as is possible. If it were a closed account I'd know how to proceed, Since it's listed as open, I'm not sure how to proceed.  I'm afraid any contact will lower my score and don't want to make contact until it is ultimately helpful.  Thank you! 

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet.  

How is the debt listed as "open".  Is it listed as "status" or "type of account"?

Status usually means the current condition of the account such as open, closed, late, etc.

Type of account describes the account such as open, revolving, mortgage, etc.

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