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MIDLAND FUNDING filed a lawsuit against me in Lancaster County Pennsylvania claiming that I owed a debt to an old credit card company.

They had a lawyer out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania file against me in my local Magistrate Office.

I was in the middle of moving when the first notification came through and missed the court date.  Thank God the judge did a little research on Midland funding and decided to extend the date requiring Midland to prove that they own the debt and to prove how they got to the amount of that debt and to prove they have the right to have the debt.

I think he called it 319b a local Magistrate ruling they can use.

So when the new date came up I showed up for trial.  I WAS SO SCARED!!!  I ALMOST DIDN'T GO!!

When I came across this website I began to gain confidence and decided to fight back.

Midland funding LLC chose and attorney in Philadelphia to send me a letter that only showed the amount the last 4 digits of the credit card number and my name.  They filed that letter with the local magistrate and I received a certified letter saying that I was being sued.

I began to read about who Midland funding was because I did not know anything about them and I learned that they were buying debt by the thousands for only Pennies on the dollar and it made me even more angry.

I put together a document "answer to the complaint" and a "request for documents", hoping Midland would have to prove their case.  

When I arrived there I was upset but ready to battle.

They sent me into the Courtroom. I stood up as the Judge walked into the room.  He said Thank you and allowed me to sit.

He said, I did my research on Midland Funding and found they are a debt buyer and for pennies on the dollar.

He said, Do you see Midland Funding or its Reps in the room?

I stood up and said, no your Honor.

He said, well do you have anything to say to the court today regarding your case?

I stood up and said, I have prepared an answer to file with the court and he interrupted and said " well that's the beauty of your local court and answer is not required"

He said AS HE LOOKED AT THE EMPTY PLAINTIFF SEATS WHERE MIDLAND WAS TO BE, " do you have any requests of the court today considering Midland funding is not present?  

And he kept saying that and then I got what he was saying and I said "um your Honor, I would like the CASE DISMISSED?" In a questioning voice.


He reminded me they have 30 days to Appeal and good luck!!!




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Indeed, the judge was cool. He could not tell her exactly what to do but prodded her enough that she got there on her own.

Speaking on that, again simply for those who might read this for education purposes, if you find yourself in court in a situation where the plaintiff is not there and they should be there, the first words out of your mouth to the judge when the case begins is "Your Honor, I move that the court dismisses this case with prejudice." Now you might not get the with prejudice part of the dismissal but it never hurts to ask at that point.

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She got something just as good or maybe better than a dismissal with prejudice, she got a judgement in her favor.  That means that they can't retry this debt and it is effectively wiped out.

I would use this judgement as the basis to remove it from my credit reports also, if they are being reported.

Nice work.  Midland counts on people being scared and not showing up.

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