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I'm trying to get a loan forgive as a teacher but my loan servicer doesn't qualify me( AES) even though Ive been paying for over 10 yrs.  I'm also being bombarded with telemarketers about loan forgiveness.  But these could be scam.  Is there legit way to go about getting student loan forgiveness?


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First off, do not rely on the servicer for any information on student loans. The CFPB is trying to get them in line to give consumers the information they need but they are facing an uphill battle. Like JDB's, you are dealing with people who do not have 2 connected brain cells and their sister/wife is working right next to them.

What you do is use Google to get the information you need. You type in "Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness" and you read multiple websites until you are sure you know what the deal is and how to go about obtaining it. If the servicer has to do something, you tell them, in writing, what it is they have to do.

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