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Sued by Midland in Ga


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I've been reading & realized that I need a bit of help. I'm in Ga & I have a debt from CreditOne for $1000 from 2014. Midland Funding purchased the debt. They attempted to have me served at an old address, but the marshall realized the home was empty. They then attempted to have me served at another address a few months later in 2016 via private server. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was online & noticed I had a default judgement against me & a FIFA from Dekalb county Magistrate court. The problem is..I was never served & have not lived in that county since 2012. Also, the home they claimed to have served me was clearly abandoned...high grass, trash, power lines falling & not attached to the home, no utilities or water for 3 yrs. I filed for a set aside because of this. Once that is granted, I wanted to know at exactly what point would I file the motion for arbitration?? In the magistrate courtroom the same day?? Or would I mail ot to Midland & file it at the courthouse that day?? Also, would I contact the AAA first? The debt is honestly not mine. I think a family member opened it so I have NO documents from Midland or Credit One. Also, my only income is SSI, so either way I guess I would be ok because the funds are protected. I also have another debt from Portfolio, they haven't sued yet but I know its coming. Do u only use arbitration AFTER they attempt to sue or at any point?? Sorry for the LONG post!! ANY help is greatly appreciated! 

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Feagle has taken my case and even found another company on my credit report (rent recovery) that may have violated. We've already gotten started. I just wanted them off my credit, but I may get that & even more. Thanks to this forum & your suggestions I found them! 

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