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Creditor Keeps Reporting As Delinquent after Chapter 7

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I am crazed by a bank that financed a motorcycle for me in 2008. In 1/2009 because of the mortgage crisis I lost my job (self employed) and lost 15k of monies due me by title and closing companies. I was a notary signing agent and I was devastated. My wife lost a lot of hours at her job and we were forced to file chapter 7 which was discharged 8/2009. This bank M+B Financial in PA has reported this discharged debt erroneously repeatedly since the discharge. I was never late with the debt before we filed chapter 7. It was paid on time until the filing date. I have disputed with all the credit agencies several dozens of times since the discharge. I am forced to go through hoops each time but each time they correct the info. Then a month or so later they report it again changing dates, saying re-affirmed, And so on. Some of what they do is

1. Show a balance due

2. Show debt as a charge off

3. Show the debt late, many times show it years late.

4.  They showed it as re-affirmed (it was not)

5.  Show the discharge date as 2011 or 2012 when it was discharged in 2009

6. They keep reporting it with the above erroneous info to all three credit agencies on a round robin basis.

I dispute the report it gets corrected and then they report to one of the other agencies. When I dispute that they report to one of the others and this has continued over and over. I was just notified by credit wise that a report dropped my credit score 80 points. It was Trans Union. I got the info and yes, it was M+B reporting it as Collection/chargeoff with a past due of 4,642 with an account closed date of 5/31/2017. Of course I called Trans Union and started a dispute again. This time the agent tried to help. I had just disputed the same M+B with Trans Union in 1/2017 and they corrected the file. I was sent a copy of my report 4/2017 which showed M+B included in chapter 7 with 0.00 past due  0.00 owed. I asked the agent to look at that file to see I just disputed it. She verified and added notes to the dispute that she verified It was corrected in March and now they reported it again in June as I stated above.

I have really been hurt this time with a 80 point hit on my credit. I just got new homeowner policy and car insurance is set to renew and they will pull credit. There has to be something that can be done with this Bank from Hell. I am almost 60 years old in poor health and this is something I can't do anymore.


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If you disputed once and it remains or becomes re-posted showing a balance owed, and if you have the proof that this account was discharged in your BK, then I would be contacting a consumer attorney in my state that does FCRA work.  They will sue the creditor for FCRA violations and not only get it removed for good from your reports, but also should be able to get around $1,000 for you as well.

I would do that to put an end to this instead of continually disputing over and over.  Your legal obligations end after the first dispute per report and it then becomes their liability for not following the law.

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Thanks for responding I can tell you about a year ago I called several local attorneys and none of them said that they would get involved unless you're willing to retain them at $250 an hour I can't afford that so I eventually called the fcra itself and asked them what somebody could do if this is a continuing reoccurring situation and they told me that it was illegal that the creditors are not allowed to do that blah blah blah and then when I said well what can I do and they said that the only thing that they could tell me to do is that on their website they have a database and you can just post a name of the Creditor on the database so therefore if somebody decides that they want to check this website before doing business with a particular creditor they can see that this creditor doesn't play by the rules and that's it that's all they could tell me so I'm kind of at a loss because I can't afford hiring an attorney at 250 to 450 an hour and the fcra says that they can't do anything so that's kind of where I'm stuck

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