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Guest NewbieVictim53

I have joined many forums in my day but this is one I really hadn't planned on. I thought I would ask for advice as to what else is in store for me, what steps I need to take, etc.  The real breach started  when someone filed a tax return for 2015 using my identity.  It took a while to get that straightened-out and I thought I was through with it although I still ran into problems with this years return stemming back to the prior years identity theft, but a couple of phone calls and 2016 tax return is all good.  

Fast forward to 6 days ago: 4 credit cards tried to be opened (some successfully) in my name. I had my address changed without my knowledge but was able to catch it before it got forwarded. A Green Dot card was opened in my name. Social Security retirement benefits were applied for in my name. 

I've put a Fraud Alert on all Credit reporting bureaus, filed a Police Report, updated my status on identitytheft.org and  filed out a fraud alert on ChexSystems.  Any other things I should get done?  Thanks for any help.  

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