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I'm being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in GA


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Hello Everyone! I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in Ga for $635.39. I technically have not been served because it appears they have accidentally put my address in wrong. I found out I was being sued by a letter I received form an attorney offering to represent me. I then looked  it up on the magistrate court website. So anyways, I would like to answer, and I have reviewed previous cases with PRA and see that 9 out of 10 times they dismiss the case if you respond with a request for arbitration. So my question is, how would I write this out for a response. 

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Don't respond with arbitration right away.  First, wait until you are actually served before you do anything.  Once served, you will have 30 days to file an answer.  Your answer should just be a simple denial.  "Defendant denies each and every allegation set forth by the Plaintiff in the complaint".  Something like that will work just fine.  Because GA Magistrate court is essentially a court of ambush, you don't have to file any motions ahead of time. You only need to have the motion for arbitration with you when you show up to court.

Read this thread for someone who just recently beat PRA in Magistrate Court.  This will be very helpful to you:


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