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I received a packet from Midland Funding LLC with the first page basically the judge granted them permission to serve me though the mail. That was signed on 6/27/2017.  The citation is attached and says it was filed 5/1/2017 and had 14 days to respond. I didn't receive it until 7/26/2017 because it was forwarded from my old address to my new one. I also have an affidavit relating to damages and business records from Midland. In that my account number is covered; not sure if that matters, and it says when the account was charged off 2-26-2015 and when Barclays bank  sold it to Midland 9-30-2016 and that as of 3-6-2017 nothing has been paid off.

Along with those documents they also have a bank statement copy from Barclaycard (Again, account number is covered and my address) of the month I stopped paying; August 2014 and a copy of the bank statement from March 2015 that included all the late fees and  monthly charges. The debt is $2,955.93.


I know the debt is mine, how would I respond to it with each paragraph? Do I admit to every paragraph? I've included copies. I really rather they just take my income tax next year because I usually use it to pay off smaller bills like other credit cards and medical bills.






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2 hours ago, sadinca said:

@Veecee93 welcome to the board. may i suggest you remove the attachments you posted as it contains identifiable information.  

@BV80 , @debtzapper ,  @clydesmom , @texasrocker 


Thank you for your advice to the OP regarding redaction.  If I could redact the identifying information or edit that information, I would do so. 

Perhaps @willingtocope can help until the OP responds.

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