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How I Got Calvary Portfolio Services Removed From my Credit Reports


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I want to offer my advice, because I finally got Calvary Portfolio removed and did not pay them one dime. I hope this helps someone. I just want to start by saying that it takes only a little patience and a little hard work, also I paid a small fee to my attorney, but I am gone.

First things first. I got the letter that they were suing me and Calvary is known for spewing a lot of lies. They claimed to have tried to contact me. They never did. In their original court document, they claimed to have tried contacting me by phone and snail mail. I never received either, but I had to go to court to settle the debt. My advice to you is if you receive this letter, definitely go, because when I showed up in court, Calvary failed to and I was able to have the judge dismiss my case with prejudice meaning that they are not allowed to sue me again. At first, I thought that they wasted my time by not showing up, but since they were a no-show in court, they lost their chance to ever sue me again. By dismissing the case with prejudice, you tell the judge to dismiss the case and the plaintiff loses all rights to sue you ever again. Strike 1, Calvary!
Now, I, like everyone else, had to wait out my statute of limitations. I was in New York and the SOL is 7 years. However, Calvary lied to the credit bureaus with false information. My last credit card payment was 2010 and this year, I made the statute of limitations, but Calvary told the credit bureaus that my case was opened in 2013 and that would mean that I had to keep them on my credit report till 2020, when in fact, the truth was that I only need to keep them on till 2017. Calvary kept updating my case every year and the credit bureaus had me on since 2016 which would get me off in 2023. That was wrong. If you find yourself in this situation, you can easily prove this by getting your last paid credit card statement. Mine was 2010 and as mentioned, I only needed ti keep Calvary on till this year. Strike 2, Calvary!
Now, to get them off my credit record, my attorney only charged me $200 to send the bureaus a letter and to remind them about my statute of limitations. BOOM, OFF my credit record. Calvary is gone! That's strike 3 for you, Calvary.
Now, if you feel that you cannot afford an attorney, keep in mind that most attorneys will not charge much, because they already have the letter written. It is only little work for them to put your personal information on it and it takes them maybe half hour. Whatever an attorney charges, it is worth it to make your credit record healthy again.
It is really that simple and not difficult as one may think.
In a nutshell
1. Show up in court and if Calvary fails, have the judge dismiss your case with prejudice.
2. Once your SOL has past, make sure you keep your latest paid credit card statement and have an attorney cheaply send a demand letter to the credit bureaus. 
It is that easy.
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