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Help Removing Student Loan Delinquency


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New to the forums. I repaired my horrible credit situation years ago but have recently found myself in another unfortunate situation. Would appreciate any help.

So, I have a significant amount of student loan debt from going to law school. To make things even more complicated, the student loans are showing as 11 (!) separate accounts even though they're all from the same servicer. Last year, I was unemployed and was under the impression that I was under an unemployment forbearance. I never received any calls or letters regarding any balance that was owed. This year, I received a notice that I had to recalculate my income-based repayment. When I did that, I saw that I had to reapply for forbearance/deferment. I did that and it was granted.

This year, I went to purchase a car and almost had a heart attack when my credit score came back in the 500's. I rushed home and found that the 11 student loan accounts had delinquent entries for November 2016 to May 2017. I disputed online saying it was incorrect, but it just came back confirmed 30 days later. I called the student loan servicer and the very nice lady looked at my account and said it shouldn't show as delinquent and advised me to dispute the entries again and even told me what to write under the dispute. I did that and it came back, yet again, as confirmed.

I called the loan servicer's Office of Consumer Advocacy and they were also confused. They gave me an email to send my documentation in and gave me a number to talk to a supervisor and hopefully get a letter showing my accounts are in good standing. I called the number and spoke to someone much less helpful and understanding. This is what she told me:

I had past due amounts at the time my monthly payments were recalculated to be $0.00. Even though a forbearance was retroactively applied bringing my account to good standing, AT THE TIME, I was delinquent so the credit reporting was accurate. She even said I should feel free to dispute it again, but it probably won't change. (LOL)

At this point, I'm at a loss. I have a letter dated October 2016 showing that my monthly payments were $0.00. I have a letter dated June 2017 showing that I had a forbearance/deferment granted from August 2016 to December 2017. Yet, I have delinquencies for 90-180 days late from November 2016 to May 2017. The fact that these are 11 separate entries on my credit report is absolutely killing me. Please help!

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