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My question is when we file our bankruptcy in just a few weeks, if something is not listed, how long do you have to amend it later? I know I have received 4 different judgment letters in the mail this year. We moved in May and I cannot locate the information I had for judgments and a few other bills/medical bills. I know I can go to the hospitals and request our bills but where do I go for the judgments? County clerk office?  Also, my husband would like to know how many years back do we go? If it is not listed on his credit report and it was from the early 90's can that still come back to haunt him/us? Any tips helpful. Thank you in advance.

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For recent judgements, contacting the court clerk should get you the answers you need. You simply put in the address of the attorney of report for the creditor in the matrix. It is up to that attorney to inform their client. If you have an attorney, they should be able to do this for you. Once the BK is done, you might have to find out how to close the judgement cases as that might require a filing of satisfaction or some other filing. Don't expect the creditors to do anything because they will not be able to collect at this point and they do not want to spend another dime to do so.

As for the old stuff, try to put in what you can but realize anything that you defaulted on in the 90s is probably uncollectable anyways unless you decide to pay it. When it comes to missing creditors on BK filings, the courts usually follow the rule of no harm, no foul. This means that if the case was a no asset case or if the debt was really old that they would not have been able to collect absent of the BK, they will probably be included in the BK even if not listed because the creditor would be in the same place anyways whether listed or not. Just list all you can and if a real old one calls you, inform them of the BK at that point.

I have seen cases in the past where the creditors matrix has been amended after the discharge has been issued. It will be easy if this is a no asset case so I would just get in as many creditors as possible.

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