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Help please. Victim.

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Hello. Ok so I gave information to a packaging site that said theyd pay me 30000 a year. I was supposed to upload pictures to make sure they were in proper condition and then deliver them again. It turns out it was a scam and my credit has been compromised since I was told people opened credit card accounts using my info. I don't recall the exact information being used. I seriously doubt I gave my ssn though. However if I did what can I do to erase this? How possible is it to borrow a 4g loan In march 2019? I want to use it for a trip to Asia. For the record I've been an employee since July and started my second job a month ago after leaving the first one. Nonetheless what can I do to make it more feasible to borrow 4 g in 1.5 years?

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On 9/15/2017 at 4:40 AM, bigvuth said:

I was told people opened credit card accounts using my info.

Who told you?  You need to know for sure yourself, don't go by word of mouth.  Google the phone number for all 3 CRAs (TransUnion, Equifax & Experian).  Ask for free copies of all 3 reports to be sent by mail.  Once you get them, look for any accounts you do not recognize.

You also have the option to put a freeze on your credit.  You can do this on the phone at the same time you order your reports.  A freeze will prevent any new accounts from being opened if someone does, in fact, have your ID info. 

If you find accounts on your reports that are not yours, file a police report and call the bank that shows on your reports to report the account as ID theft.  Send a copy of the police report to the CRAs by mail with a letter indicating which account and that it was part of ID theft.

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