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My Wells Fargo checking & savings account levy .


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I got a judgement against me back in 2015. From Cach LLC represented by neuhisel law firm in CA. Wells Fargo is freezing my account which I only had $124 in checking and approx 2,700 in savings. My question is I know I have 10 days until the bank releases the funds to the sherif and then that money goes to the creditor. So let’s say I wait 10 days and I am ok to have them take my money for the debt I owe which is less than 3K so that I can settle this for once and for all .whats the process to get a “ satisfied judgement” how long is it until I can use my bank account again ? . Will neuishal law firm file the “ satisfaction of judgement “ once they receive my funds that I owe ???has any one experience this let me know 


thank you 

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Does the $2700 satisfy the judgement? If so then once the amount is turned over to the creditor, the creditor has to file a satisfaction of judgement and will be done (and they will do so because they do not want to get on the judge's bad side).

If the $2700 does not satisfy the judgement, then they can continue to tap the bank accounts until such time as the judgement is satisfied. There is no such thing as a settlement when it comes to a levy or garnishment.

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