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Credit Report/History Suddenly Disappeared. What Happened?

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I've alway had good to great credit and recently bought a home with an approved home loan. A month later when I went to buy a security system for that home the security company ran a credit check and told me I had no credit report or history. How can this be? I pulled my TransUnion and Equifax and clearly see a report and got my usual credit score on Credit Karma, but when the security company tries to pull it over and over they say it comes back with no hits. We verified all of my info and addresses, ssn, etc, but the still nothing. What happened?

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It sounds like 99% this is a problem on their end.  Just to be sure, I would call all 3 CRAs and request a free copy of your reports from them. (Since you are having issues with this security company, you can say you had adverse action for a free copy if your state does not already offer free copies)

Once you get a copy of your reports and everything looks normal, then I would simply tell the security company to figure it out or I can just go to another one of the multitude of companies that are competent enough to accept a new customer.

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