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Theory on late payments being reported after charge-off/closed account?


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When I first started my credit repair journey, I was confused by Synchrony reporting late payments after the account was closed/charged off. The general consensus was that the creditor is allowed to report late payments even after the account has been charged off because you're still obliged to pay. However, someone mentioned a theory about this. Here's what he said: 

"Neither closing the account nor taking a charge-off negates the debt or prevents continued reporting of monthly delinquencies.

However, the case law is replete with civil actions pertaining to the reportability of monthly delinquencies on credit card accounts if the creditor has ceased to continue regular monthly billing statements after the charge-off or closing date.  The legal theory is that lack of a billing statement means there is no longer a billing due date per the FCBA, and thus no basis for calculating a delinquency as having extended past any clear billing due date."

Has anyone had any luck getting late payments off with this argument? I live in Georgia by the way.

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