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Plaintiff in Contempt-How to file for relief

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I am being sued for a medical bill.  This bill is actually not a valid bill and I am fighting it tooth and nail.  We are set for a pre-trial conference on 10/26/17.  All parties were ordered to complete the pre-trial statement and serve on all parties with exhibits at least 10 days before PT.  I did mine.  Plaintiff did not serve me by yesterday with the PT paperwork.

I want to file for contempt and relief.  Not sure how to do this though.  I can fill out a Motion to Show Cause, no problem, but how do I file for relief.  These people have taken up so much of my time and energy with this invalid bill-that I have proven is not valid-and I believe since they have not provided the ppwk required for me to review in time, they should be sanctioned.  The Order does say "Failure to comply with this order could result in costs being assessed to parties or attorneys of record"

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Guest usctrojanalum

this is really hard to answer without local knowledge of how these pre-trial conferences work where you are.  For example, where I'm from discovery requests and deadlines are liberally enforced and a party can serve it at the pre trial conference in court, or a court will give a couple chances to serve the documents. 

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