CIC BlogMaking Sense of the Bitcoin Boom: Should You Invest?

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Whether you are a cryptocurrency skeptic or enthusiast, it is impossible to ignore this year's growth of cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular. As we reported in September, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency reached $158.5 billion in August, an increase of 795 percent for the year. Then, in October, Bitcoin hit a record high of $5,866 per coin. The question is, should you jump on the bitcoin bandwagon and use it to diversify your investment portfolio? Of course, there is no universal answer to that. Our best advice is get the facts so you can decide what’s right for you.

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I would like to have known in 2017 what the rate of bitcoin will be in 2021. Then they were sold for $1, I would buy all the BTC I could. The craziest thing is that some people have a lot of bitcoin, but they have lost the hard drives, or they don't remember the passwords to their wallets. There is one guy that has only 2 chances to get the right password, or he will lose everything, what is now hundreds of millions of dollars. If I had any bitcoin, sadly I don't, I would use bitcoin laundry to have the safest possible transactions that can in no way be traced back to me.

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