Advise is needed-Should I go to court to file for a motion to dismiss or satisfaction of judgment ?

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I had a signed stipulation to judgment for the amount of 6185.40. It said that if I defaulted the full payment would become due. The creditor sent me a payment report stating that I already paid 3000 of the amount off, but I later ended up defaulting on the agreement. My question is when they entered the judgment with the court it said that I owed them 5022.99 and I've already paid 1647.74 from my wages being garnished which only leaves 375.25 once the 375 is paid can I go to court and file for a satisfaction of judgement or a motion to dismiss?

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The judgment creditor files a satisfaction of judgment - not you.  And a motion to dismiss is not appropriate where a case has been adjudicated on the merits.

Did the judgment creditor say you only owed $375?  My math says you still owe $1538.

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