Being Sued by Midland Funding Group in California (Orange County) - Response to Bill of Particular

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Can a lawyer please help me or give me advise. I am being sued by Midland Funding Group, and I had already responded with a General Denial Form. Along with that I sent their lawyer a Bill of Particular to respond to within 10 days. I had sent out the Bill of Particular towards the end of April and did not get a response back from them until recently (October). It had been 5 months until they got back to me, is this allowed? Can something be done, like for me to ask the judge to drop the case because of their response time? As well, they stated basically that what I had asked for was not relevant to the case (which is BS), and that their client was still investigating and is not ready for trial.

I'm not really sure where to go from here, any advise would greatly be appreciated.


Thanks so much!


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You may get more help if you post this in the main Is There a Lawyer in the House forum.  You are in the post-judgment sub-forum.  It sounds like your case is not at the judgment stage yet.

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